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Norman Oklahoma's Community Christian School Takes Proactive Step

Community Christian School has never experienced an active shooter situation, and it intends to keep it that way. Taking into account the devastating school shooting instances around the country, school administrators decided to take a proactive stance on prevention and emergency protocol development in crisis situations. Gathering parents, local law enforcement representatives, and school safety advocate Michele Gay, Kristy Watson, P.T.S.F. president, are organizing a parent-teacher safety night to raise awareness and funds for the installation of a Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS), provided by BluePoint Alert Solutions. The system will shorten law enforcement and first responder response times, and speed the response of building occupants in their safety procedures during crisis situations. Response time matters for the safety of our kids.

For more information on this event, see the TV news coverage on the local Fox affiliate OKCFoxand News9,or for the news release, Safe Kids at CCS.

Read more about how you can help Community Christian School meet their fundraising goal for security updates.



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