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BluePoint and EMERgency24 Partner to Speed Law Enforcement Response Times for Schools During Crisis Situations

BluePoint does for law enforcement what a fire alarm does for the fire department - and EMERgency24 provides top tier monitoring to ensure prompt response during active incidents

APRIL 15, 2015, LAS VEGAS, (ISC WEST conference, Booth #3128) BluePoint Alert Solutions and EMERgency24  today announced a partnership to provide the nation's first Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) that is specifically designed to speed the response times of law enforcement/first responders when life-threatening incidents occur within schools and other facilities. The combined offering includes the intuitive BluePoint pull station alert and notification system with EMERgency24's industry-leading Central Stations monitoring and communications offerings. Similar to a standard "fire alarm," occupants can activate a BluePoint police pull station and EMERgency24's monitoring services will notify law enforcement of an emergency situation to expedite their response.

"With the increasing number of incidents at schools and other facilities that put people in harm's way, the ability to alert police quickly and with accurate information is more critical than ever," said Patrick Devereaux, senior vice president for EMERgency24. "The BluePoint system focuses on making the alert process very familiar and easy to initiate, while also being comprehensive in how it alerts both law enforcement and facility occupants. We are very pleased to join BluePoint in this effort to speed response times and improve school safety."

BluePoint uses a highly secure 900 MHz wireless network that is completely dedicated to response alerts and is independent of other building systems. The system covers the entire building or campus, plus any surrounding areas (parking lots, athletic fields, etc.). Once a wearable mobile device, pull station or sound sensor is activated, EMERgency24 immediately sends alerts to local law enforcement with the building address and exact incident location within the building, using Visual Point Identification (VPI) technology. At the same time, building occupants are instantly notified to take precautions through PA or phone systems and mobile phones, as well as blue strobe lights inside and outside the building. This automation helps panicked personnel act swiftly and reduces the response time of both law enforcement and building occupants.

All BluePoint alert signals are transmitted to EMERgency24, which then automatically relays the information to first responders - police or paramedics. The system also sends building occupants, security professionals and administrators a text and/or email notification, as well as voice calls with pertinent data. The system also establishes a two-way communications flow between a central command group and building occupants to convey essential information. All text, email, and voice call alerts are managed through EMERgency24's powerful communications infrastructure. The company also monitors the BluePoint system for low battery or loss of connectivity to ensure continuous, reliable service.

"EMERgency24's infrastructure is incredibly robust and its personnel are ranked top in the industry," said John Shales, co-founder and CMO for BluePoint. "With five top-tier monitoring centers nationwide, EMERgency24 ensures BluePoint alerts reach all centers for the fastest response, and our alerts are elevated to the highest priority. We couldn't be happier to partner with such a strong industry leader."

The BluePoint Rapid Emergency Response System is available now directly from BluePoint and its partner network. For more information, please click here.



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