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School Tragedy Inspires Safety Reforms

According to the National Fire Academy and the National Fire Protection Agency, the most recent "loss-of-life" fire event in a school facility within the United States occurred in December of 1958, at Our Lady of the Angels School in Chicago, Illinois. The community would not easily forget the tragedy that cost the lives of 95 children and school faculty.

For experts in the fire safety industry, this event would be a catalyst for significant improvements to fire safety technology and awareness. Amongst numerous innovations from the last 50 years was the widespread installation of fire alarm pull-stations, which are designed to notify both the fire department and building occupants of danger. Without a doubt, fire pull-stations have saved many lives since the tragedy at Our Lady of the Angels School.

BluePoint Alert Systems: Designed to Save Lives
With the unfortunate rise in armed intruder incidents, the founders of BluePoint can't help but sense striking similarities between these events and the fire-related threats of yesteryear. Like fire alarm systems, BluePoint's solution includes:
  • Familiar blue pull-stations located throughout the building, for rapid initiation
  • Immediate notification to local police
  • Building-wide audible and visual alerts to all occupants

Unique features that enhance a BluePoint system beyond the typical Fire Alarm system include:
  • Wearable mobile devices to activate the system from anywhere within or immediately outside the building
  • Exterior strobe lights to warn people outside the building
  • Automated text and email notifications to notify administration or others of an incident

Let a BluePoint Alert Solution help protect you from intruder threats like your fire alarm system protects you from fire. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote that fits your school's needs.



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