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What Makes BluePoint Stand Out From Competitors?

Although perhaps infrequent and difficult to prepare for, the potential of an intruder emergency poses a high level of risk to our students, staff, and communities. BluePoint Alert Solutions has developed a rapid response, easy-to-use notification system that will best protect students and quickly notify staff during an intruder incident.

INTUITIVE: Inspired by the iconic fire alarm system, it is the simplest way to call law enforcement to the scene of an incident.

INDEPENDENT: Our system is independent of wi-fi and cell service, which means no delays due to high web traffic or low cell signal.

FLEXIBLE: Our system is customized to each building layout in order to maximize occupant safety. Our mobile devices even allow greater flexibility to cover parking lots and sporting fields.

EXPANDABLE: Expandable, but always dependable ... even if your district is facing limited budgets or changing facilities, BluePoint can develop a solution that fits your needs now, and one that can expand when you want it to.

SUPERVISED: All components of our system are fully supervised. If a component has a low battery, is out of range, or loses communications to the main panel, facility personnel will be notified immediately.

RAPID: Having developed a system that works, we've also established and tested rapid response protocols with our monitoring partner. Our tests show that, once activated, building occupants will be notified within three seconds and police dispatch contacted in 9.5 seconds (on average). Rapid notification means a rapid response and a safer facility.

Learn more about the BluePoint Police Alert system. Contact us today to discuss your needs and to arrange a free cost estimate for your facility.



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