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Michael Dorn: Take Advantage of Free School Safety Resources

The BluePoint team really resonated with a keynote speech Mr. Dorn delivered at a recent conference. He is the Executive Director of Safe Havens International, a non-profit campus safety organization. Mr. Dorn has an extensive background in school safety and promotes a very broad view of improving safety. He challenges us to look at varied aspects of safety from building design, to bullying prevention, to security technologies. His website, through extensive writing and blogging, has a plethora of great resources and advice on a wide variety of school safety topics. One in particular that we found to be very helpful is an incredibly thorough and free Tactical Site Survey for organizations to evaluate their facilities and protocols.

Get more information on Mr. Dorn.

Get more information on free resources, including Mr. Dorn's Tactical Site Survey (under "Free Checklists").



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