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FBI Releases Active Shooter Report

The FBI released its Active Shooter report looking at the 14 years from 2000 through 2013. The report indicates several key elements based on the 160 incidents identified.

Increasing - The unfortunate news is that active shooter incidents are on the rise - 6.4 incidents per year (one every 2 months) in the first seven years compared to 16.4 incidents per year (more than 1 per month) for the most recent 7 years.

Location - Somewhat surprising - especially based on the media coverage - is the fact that an active shooter incident is almost twice as likely to happen in a commercial space (45.6%) as opposed to an educational space (24.4%).

Fast - Of the incidents where the duration could be ascertained (64), 69% of them end within 5 minutes - very fast paced.

Ending - In 40% of the incidents the shooter commits suicide. In 28% of the incidents law enforcement and the shooter exchange gunfire.

See the full report for more information.



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