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Are Cell Phones and Smart Phone Apps the Best Solution in an Emergency?

Some schools may consider that cell phones used by teachers and students are reliable enough to notify police during an on-site incident. However, recent research into various forms of cell phone-based protocol shows us that:
  • Although many own a cell phone or smart phone, not everyone has access to it in an emergency. Some schools even restrict cell phone use on campus.
  • Cell phone apps do not reliably broadcast alerts throughout the entire building.
  • A panicked person may not be able to effectively communicate basic details to a 911 operator or engage an unfamiliar phone application.
  • In an emergency, a school can't rely on limited cell signal, poor service coverage or a malfunctioning app.

Rapid Response with BluePoint Alert SolutionsBlue Point Alert Solutions gets the police on-site faster than a 911 call and transmits a building-wide broadcast, alerting everyone to take precautions. Just like the reliable, red fire pull stations, pulling down on a blue BluePoint pull station or mobile device ensures that:
  • Anyone can contact the police by using blue pull stations or mobile devices.
  • Police are immediately notified in less than ten seconds.
  • An automated, verbal broadcast notifies everyone on-site of an active situation.
  • Your system is reliable and easy to use to immediately notify the police and broadcast an alert, facility-wide.

Count on BluePoint Alert to be the reliable choice for notifying the police of an active incident. The system has full battery back-up, is fully supervised and independent of other building systems. Best of all, your school is in complete control of the system.

Call today to confirm how BluePoint Alert Solutions has the best solution for school intruder emergencies.



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