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For the same cost as fixing one of our parking lots, we can install a system that has the potential to save lives - Dr. Todd Stirn, Burlington CUSD #301

The safety of students and staff is a high priority for all schools, but it can be difficult to find the funds for security enhancements when budgets are tight. State grants may be available for improvements to security, but the number of schools competing for the limited dollars means that not all districts will receive all the resources they need. Here are some creative solutions that could  help your district more easily implement much-needed security improvements using its existing budget:

Lease to Own: For a $25,000 school improvement, most public schools will qualify for a lease rate of approximately $500 per month for 60 months, with a $1 buyout at the end of the term. BluePoint uses a national partner to provide this service.

Phased Installation: Your school safety improvements do not have to happen all at once, but can be installed in different phases, over time. The BluePoint Alert system is designed to be flexible and expandable to meet the needs of your district, meeting expectations of a rapid response at any given stage of your install.

Delayed Maintenance: One school superintendent told BluePoint that delaying the replacement of carpet or the sealcoating of parking lots for one year was enough to pay for BluePoint in a single school building

Security Fee: Like technology fees that already exist in many school districts, assigning a security fee during enrollment may help supplement the cost of improvements.

Parent Donations: Encourage your Parent-Teacher Associations or Safety Committees to host donation drives to collect funds for security enhancements.

The BluePoint Alert system has been intentionally designed to get police to a building faster than a 911 call and to alert students and staff in a clear and concise manner. Our system is as robust and dependable as your fire system and it was designed to meet the needs of our schools by being affordable and easy to install. Please contact us for a free estimate and more information about our system.



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