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BluePoint Does for Law Enforcement What a Fire Alarm Does for the Fire Department

The most powerful innovations are inspired by solutions for today's obstacles and BluePoint Alert Solutions was born out of today's growing need to increase awareness of public safety-for our schools, our libraries, and more.

Unfortunate though it is, the increasing frequency of armed intruder events has prompted our schools to take greater precautions to protect our children. Common sense may suggest it, but our critical review of these incidents confirm two consistent truths:
  1. The faster police are on site, the faster the situation comes to an end.
  2. The faster a school initiates its response protocol, the faster students and staff are protected.
The BluePoint Alert system is inspired by the tried and true fire alarm system that already exists in school buildings today. Our system can get police to a school faster than a 911 call and helps schools provide a rapid alert to building occupants that is both clear and comprehensive.

RAPID: Instantly notifies the police and building occupants of an emergency situation.
ENHANCE: Enhances (rather than replaces) existing emergency protocols.
REDUCE: Reduces police response time when seconds count.
FOCUS: Provides focused notification to building occupants and key leaders.

Comprised of a fully customizable network of pull stations, mobile devices, and strobe lights, the BluePoint Alert tools are familiar enough that people naturally understand  how to use them. However the tools are distinctly different than the fire alarms so that staff members can easily initiate your school's proper response protocol.

See how BluePoint Alert Solutions can improve your organization's response, provide your staff with greater peace of mind, and-most importantly-keep your students and staff safer.



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