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Umpqua CC Tragedy - Lessons to Learn

It is incredibly sad that these armed intruder events continue to occur all throughout our country.  This tragedy that occurred in Oregon is just the latest killing of innocent lives at the hands of what can only be described as a deranged person.  More information will undoubtedly be coming out as they study this tragedy but I believe the final report will echo the same information that previous reports have found:

1.  We need to understand that "It won't happen here" is the wrong attitude
2.  Locked doors and basic protocol training such as Run / Hide / Fight need to be a part of all schools
3.  Rapid notification to both police and building occupants is critical
4.  Quickly providing quality follow up information to those in harms way is essential

It is unknown at this point what all the College had done to prepare for an event like this but one early report indicates that a computer warning system meant to communicate to campus occupants either was never engaged or did not work properly.  The failure of this system to warn people at the time it was needed compounds at least the confusion on campus if not adding to the tragedy.  Having a notification system that is dependable and is intuitive to engage in times of panic is critical.

Here are a couple of articles detailing the early information available on this incident.

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