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Securing Houses of Worship

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Recent events have again turned the focus on so-called "soft targets," and houses of worship certainly fall into that category. Integrators are up against unique variables as they evaluate and deploy security solutions for houses of worship.

Buildings that are home to religious gatherings have an "open door" environment and heavy traffic during specific times. Typically, they are most busy on the weekends - unlike a school, bank, government facility or business. Large houses of worship also see a high volume of people over a short period of time. Procedures for notifying police during a potentially threatening situation are not always clear. With such large numbers of people gathering every weekend, some houses of worship with larger congregations are able to set aside a portion of their operations budget for security; however, many have no security measures in place and a minimal or non-existent budget for security. To read the rest of the article, please visit Security Dealer & Integrator:



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