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Developing Response Protocols for Emergency Situations Critical to Facility Managers, First Responders

The need for the next generation of emergency-response communications is more apparent today than ever before. In schools, houses of worship and other facilities, there have been more than 160 active-shooter incidents over the last 14 years, including devastating school shootings -- for example, at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. -- and the recent shootings in Lafayette, La., and now San Bernadino.

Most schools and facilities have an emergency-response protocol in place for situations such as an active shooter, but several factors impact whether the situation tips from an emergency scenario into being deadly. Those factors include staff and personnel preparation, the facility's emergency-response plan, the security system and the response time of law enforcement. The first two factors can be addressed by diligent administrative leadership, but the second two factors are intertwined and often restricted by the technology implemented at the premises.

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