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Rapid Emergency Response for Private and Public Commercial Facilities

The unfortunate reality is that nearly half of the armed intruder incidents from a 14-year FBI study released in 2014 occurred in commercial spaces like business - public and private - and malls. Most recently, we have been forced to confront this trend with the tragedy in San Bernardino. Securing these spaces can represent a problem to facility managers and security professionals due to the high variance of patron demographics. Unlike schools or medical facilities, citizens in malls or retail spaces are not trained to react to emergency situations. Rapid Emergency Response Systems (RERS) are designed to help mitigate these concerns by providing an intuitive and accessible tool for immediately notifying law enforcement and on-site security when a crisis scenario arises.

BluePoint's entry into the commercial safety and security space is the next step in providing a resource to facility managers and security professionals that incorporates wireless technology and an established, reliable hardware framework.

For more information, please see our announcement, which can be found here.

Additionally, we have developed a noncommercial white paper that outlines some of the key points and concerns about securing commercial spaces, and how a RERS can aid in crisis mitigation. Please contact us for a free version of this white paper:



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