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BluePoint Alert Solutions Awarded Patent

Nearly every armed intruder event in the U.S. reveals a common shortfall for two critical tasks in any emergency situation: the need to quickly contact authorities and to broadcast a building-wide message to initiate safety protocols. In response to the Sandy Hook tragedy of 2012, BluePoint developed a system of pull stations, mobile pendants and strobe lights designed to quickly notify first responders and warn people in harm's way.

BluePoint's rapid emergency response system (RERS) has been deployed throughout the United States. The BluePoint system - although intuitive and familiar - is a unique solution for schools and businesses. Validating this solution, last month the United States Patent office granted BluePoint an exclusive patent (9,251,695 B2) to protect this distinctive and effective system.

The patent protects the BluePoint system and its method for notifying first responders of a security, medical crisis, or threat. "BluePoint's mission is to provide a solution to help speed up the response times of law enforcement and other first responders in emergency situations for any kind of facility or building," explained John McNutt, co-founder and CEO of BluePoint.

Whether in public or private buildings, medical or armed intruder events - or even severe imminent weather threats - they all require:

  • Automatic contact of first responders

  • Instant alert of people in danger

  • Automatic notification of designated stakeholders

The new patent awarded to BluePoint summarizes its key features, such as:

  • A network of interconnected devices that include medical and police pull stations, strobe light beacons, mobile pendants, and 24 hour monitoring.

  • Every pull station and mobile device is point-identifiable allowing for precise, rapid response.

  • BluePoint's technology is based on the same proven solution used in fire alarm systems which have over 50 years of proven reliability.

  • BluePoint's system is continuously monitored, and battery backed-up to ensure a continually operational system

"The flexibility and customization of BluePoint means that it can fit a wide variety of needs and settings in the public and private spaces," said BluePoint's co-founder and CMO, John Shales.

The BluePoint Rapid Emergency Response System is available now from BluePoint and its Certified Partner network. To schedule an on-site needs assessment or, for more information please visit:



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