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FEMA's Recommendations for Business and Industry Workplace Safety

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers a step-by-step approach to building a crisis management team in its publication "Emergency Management Guide for Business and Industry." The emergency management guide is designed to help businesses plan and execute their crisis management response in the case of a weather, active shooter or medical incident.

According to FEMA, the heart of an effective crisis management program is communications.  “Communications are needed to report emergencies, to warn personnel of the danger, to keep families and off-duty employees informed about what’s happening at the facility to coordinate response actions and to keep in contact with customers and suppliers."

Each business should develop an Emergency Management Group which is comprised of key stakeholders who are on and off premise.  These stakeholders may include health and safety staff, security personnel, third party security agencies and local first responder agencies like the Fire, Medical and Police departments.  The purpose of this Emergency Management Group, also known as, a Command Group, are responsible for coordinating response and decisions related to an on-site crisis.

Building upon the technology used for fire pull stations, simple and easy to use warning notification systems should be available throughout a business or campus. FEMA recommends implementing a “system for warning personnel of an emergency. The system should:

  • Be audible or within view by all people in the facility
  • Have an auxiliary power supply
  • Have a distinct and recognizable signal
  • Include warning devices for persons with disabilities. For instance, a flashing strobe light can be used to warn hearing-impaired people.

BluePoint Alert Solutions meets and exceeds FEMA’s Emergency Management standards for crisis management.  The integrated solution includes a Command and Control, cloud-based system for real-time, two-way communication with the Emergency Management Group (Command Group), automatic and building wide broadcast notification and strobe light notifications for person’s with disabilities.  Just like fire pull stations are available throughout the building, BluePoint’s easy to access blue pull stations notify police.  Additional pull stations are designated green for notifying medical first responders and a new, yellow pull station notifies HazMat responders.

BluePoint Alert Solutions is an affordable crisis management system that is battery backed up, includes 24/7 monitoring and is very easy to install in any building or campus.  Visit BluePoint to learn more about the system and request a free, on-site demonstration. Rely on BluePoint to meet and exceed FEMA’s requirements for effective crisis management.



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