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Rapid Emergency Notification System for Industrial Facilities

BluePoint Alert Solutions is an affordable Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) that instantly notifies emergency responders and building occupants of an emergency situation, expedites a rapid response, triggers emergency management protocols and ultimately saves lives. BluePoint’s patented system provides both medical or police pull stations as simple and easy for people to use as the standard fire alarm pull stations.

AGCO, a leader in designing and manufacturing agricultural equipment, leads the way in ensuring safe and effective workplaces for its office and industrial employees.  The manufacturing and innovation center located in Jackson, Minnesota occupies a 162 acre campus with over 16 acres under roof.  With multiple buildings, roads and over 1,000 employees, the company wanted to find a faster and more accurate way to send first responders to the site of a medical or law enforcement situation.

While the company employs multiple, skilled first responders, the previous method for notification was slow and difficult.  Staff had to locate a phone, dial a five digit pager number, make a broadcast announcement and hope that one or more first responders could hear the broadcast request for help.  However, in such a large industrial complex, the broadcast was rarely heard or there was a lack of clarity where to dispatch a first responder within the facility.

Sam Meixell, Environmental Health and Safety Technician at AGCO, who is also a local paid volunteer firefighter and EMT, began searching for a more innovative and instant notification system that included both medical and police alerts.  He wanted and found BluePoint’s solution that used simple to operate pull down stations.  The pull down stations are similar in design to the iconic red fire alarm pull stations. An Internet search connected him to BluePoint.   

Sam saw first hand how simple and easy it is for staff to activate the BluePoint Alert System and selected Blue Point.  BluePoint connected Sam with Low Voltage Contractors (LVC), a BluePoint Certified Partner based in Minneapolis. LVC has a history of working with fire suppression systems since 1983 and has grown to include a wide spectrum of technology solutions in alarms, access control, video surveillance, structured cable, fire suppression systems and BluePoint Alert.

Sam developed a campus approach to strategically install medical and police pull stations. Sam stated, “the beauty of BluePoint’s pull stations is they are wireless – not requiring any cabling.  This means that as AGCO changes the building’ usage over time, moving and reinstalling the pull stations is simple.” As the project progressed, in collaboration with BluePoint and LVC, pendants were identified as the needed solution for key remote personnel in the facility.

LVC’s project manager Jill Vito-Larson, an expert in fire alarm systems led the installation at AGCO. Jill explained, “Although every system has it’s unique qualities, BluePoint covers their entire manufacturing area and allows the staff to quickly notify first responders for an emergency at their facility, no matter how remote.”

Two weeks after finishing the full campus installation of BluePoint’s system, a staff member passed out and local staff activated the medical pull station.  The BluePoint system immediately notified on-campus first responders by text, phone and email.  As a result, Sam shared that “first responders received immediate notification and were providing medical care to the fallen employee within one minute of the alert - a dramatic improvement in response time.”

Whether your office or industrial campus is large or small, employers rely on BluePoint Alert Solutions for immediate notification of first responders for medical or law enforcement situations.  BluePoint’s national network of Certified Partners provide local and expert installers and seamlessly connects to our 24/7 monitoring service.



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