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Rapid Response in the Midst of Chaos

Whether in schools, businesses or churches, the unexpected and violent nature of an active shooter incident always creates confusion and panic in the average person.  Law enforcement’s analysis of people effected by an active shooter, conclude that people tend to freeze and stop responding because they are either confused or panicked.  Sadly, the lack of action inhibits the fast response of first responders to rapidly end an active shooter incident.

Whether the most recent mass shooting that took place in Orlando or the likelihood of a future incident somewhere else in our country, people need to be prepared for the possibility with a simple and intuitive device to rapidly notify Police and First Responders.  A 2014 Police Forum on Active Shooter incidents recommends that “taking action quickly, and taking the right kinds of actions, are critical to saving your own life and the lives of others.”  

BluePoint Alert Solution’s patented and simple to use rapid response system works just like fire alarm pull stations.  A person intuitively pulls down on the blue pull station and a high priority notification is sent through a 24/7 emergency response system to immediately dispatch the Police and first responders and alert building occupants.  BluePoint also provides wearable pendants, that with a touch of a button, activates an alert.

BluePoint works with local law enforcement to seamlessly integrate the rapid BluePoint alert notification with their emergency response system.  Law enforcement agencies appreciate the unique two-way communication software that is included with BluePoint.  As soon as BluePoint alert is activated, automated phone, email and text messages are sent to first responders, law enforcement and key personnel.  The same email and text allows the recipients to simply “reply” and provide real-time updates to their status as well as critical on-sight intelligence.

Following the advice of leading law enforcement professionals, BluePoint’s intuitive notification system works as easy as pulling a fire alarm pull station.  One step notification rapidly notifies Police and shortens the amount of time an active shooter situation persists.  Using the same technology, BluePoint also provides Medical and HazMat pull stations for other life threatening emergencies.

BluePoint Alert Solutions is an affordable crisis management system that is battery backed up, includes 24/7 monitoring and is very easy to install in any building or campus.  Visit BluePointto learn more about the system and request a free demonstration. Rely on BluePoint for any rapid emergency response situation.



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