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True Life Safety with Instant Notification and Alerts

In the years before mandated fire codes, it wascommon to hear reports of dozens of people trapped or killed by devastatingfires.  Through such tragedies, building,fire and life safety codes were enacted and enforced.  For example, there has not been a tragic lossof life in a school since 1958.

In our day, we’re facing additional unexpected tragedies such as armed intruders who may be strangers, former employees, or family members.  Since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a non-profit agency tracks every mass shooting.  According to their October 7, 2016 statistic, there have been 1,405 mass shootings and 370 in just 2016, an average of 1 death per day for over three years!

True Life Safety
Daily, we’re reminded of tragic events happening around our country, neighborhoods and workplaces.  Increasingly, employers and employees are starting to ask themselves, “what’s our procedure” for handling an unexpected emergency.  While it is common for construction and industrial environments to have Emergency Action Plan as required by OSHA, BluePoint recommends employers also have written procedures and plans to handle their unexpected situations. For example, employers should define the key stakeholders in case of an emergency, educate and train employees on how to handle an active shooter incident, and practice with systems and technology to notify building occupants of an emergency.

Take a closer look at BluePoint Alert Solutions and you’ll discover that BluePoint fits within every company’s life safety plans.  BluePoint works alongside fire protection plans and is focused on rapid notification and increasing situational awareness during emergencies.
BluePoint Alert Solutions is a rapid emergency response solution, that saves lives by quickly notifying first responders and building occupants faster than existing systems.  Just as effective as fire alarms, BluePoint saves lives by:
  • Notifying all building occupants of an incident with audible alarms, strobe lights and automated broadcast messages
  • Alerting stakeholders and first responders of the exact incident location
  • Providing real-time, two-way intelligence between the command group, first responders and building occupants through phone and text

BluePoint’s True Life Safety Features:
  • All components supervised
  • Redundant communications
  • Battery backed-up
  • Secure from unauthorized disabling
  • Notifies all facility occupants
  • 24/7 security
  • UL Monitoring

Whether your company is large or small, OSHA recommends everyone have a secure and active plan for dealing with emergencies.  Get to know BluePoint and its capabilities to increase life safety for you and your employees. Feel free to call him directly John Shales, Co-Founder, at 888-3258-3706 x703 or by email.



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