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BluePoint Receives Two More Patents

The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued two more patents for the systems and solutions that BluePoint Alert provides. BluePoint is a security technology company focused on saving lives during a crisis.  BluePoint's unique approach reduces response times of not only the first responders but also the people in the building. Integrated with Command & Control, the emergency management platform, the leaders in a crisis immediately have much greater situational awareness, increasing their ability to affect a positive outcome.   John McNutt, Co-Founder and CEO of BluePoint, says, "Receiving these additional patents validates the fact that BluePoint is the leader in Rapid Emergency Response Systems."  

These new patents focus on the implementation of pull stations as an intuitive means for panicked people to initiate the system as well as broadening the user interface to include other means of activation like the mobile pendant devices and computer based apps, both of which are available for implementation.  The Command & Control emergency management system integrates with security cameras, door access control, and phone/PA systems in addition to providing secure two-way communications between the occupants of a building and the leadership or command group.  When asked whether there are more innovations in the works, John Shales, Co-Founder of BluePoint replied, "We are always looking to improve and innovate. There are more patents in our future - near future in fact."

BluePoint customizes a system to each customer's unique needs and facilities.  For more information about how a Rapid Emergency Response System from BluePoint fits your needs, contact John McNutt at 888-258-3706 x701



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