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Unfortunate Truth: Mass Shootings Increase in 2016

The sad reality in the United States is that mass shootings are on the increase.  According to, there were 476 mass shootings in the United States in 2016.  A mass shooting is defined as an incident in which 4 or more people are shot.  Those incidents left 604 people killed, 1,779 people injured, and countless families hurting.  This total is up sharply from previous years: 371 mass shootings in 2015, 325 in 2014, 339 in 2013.  In total that is 1,511 mass shootings over the last four years - more than 1 a day on average.  

And no location within our society is free from the threat.  Shootings have taken place in our schools, workplaces, worship centers, shopping malls, entertainment facilities, municipal centers, public gathering areas, etc. This is a widespread danger that cannot be ignored.

There is much discussion in our society on how to deal with this growing propensity to gun violence as a solution.  Tactics of legislation, education, one-on-one intervention, neighborhood engagement, etc. are all being tried in pursuit of the right solution.  But as with many issues of society, when the causes are complicated, the real resolution is likely to be just as complicated - not one tactic but a collective effort.   We at BluePoint honestly wish that ours was a prevention, not a protection.  But like fire alarm systems before us that reduce response times of both individuals in a crisis  situation and first responders, we are committed to being a valuable part of the collection of answers that protects people from this threat to our society.

For more information on our rapid emergency response solution and how it is designed to save lives, please contact us or our network of certified partners. 



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