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Maximize Your Security Cameras

The sale of security cameras nearly doubled over the past 5 years from 33 million sold in 2012 to 62 million in 2016 per IHS Markit.  Driving this increase is the fact that camera prices are declining while performance is increasing.  Security cameras are a great tool without a doubt, but the clear majority of them are used to see what happened in the past – what happened in the parking lot last night, who entered the building yesterday at closing, etc.  Using security cameras to identify current activities is effective but costly because it requires hiring a person to monitor the feeds constantly.  And the more feeds, the more people required to do an effective job.

What if your cameras were monitored only when there was a problem, a life-threatening problem?  Even better, what if you put the camera feed into the hands of those in harm’s way so they could make fast, informed decisions to save themselves and those around them?  That would really maximize the function and use of your cameras!

BluePoint Alert does just that.  Our Command & Control Incident Management System integrates seamlessly to IP addressable cameras.  Our solution provides the command / leadership group, as well as designated building occupants, quick access to security camera feeds from any internet enabled device – without needing to remember credentials.  We maintain security through unique, temporary links sent to pre-approved individuals only upon system activation. Equipping leadership and individuals with timely and effective situational awareness, will save lives.

Imagine you are a teacher with 20 students in your room.  An armed intruder enters the facility and BluePoint is activated.  The automatic strobe lights and building announcement alert you to take your precautions.  Your training has been to use the “Run, Hide, Fight” protocol, but your initial reaction in the panic is to gather the kids and hide in a corner of the room out of site of the locked door.  

Several seconds later, you realize things are quiet and you should actually be considering “run”.  Both your phone and tablet have been sent a message automatically through Command & Control that tells you what device was activated – you now know the intruder likely entered on the other side of the building by the gym.  

You view the links to the cameras outside your room as well as the one by the exit door at the end of the hall.  You’ve now determined that “run” is a very viable option.  You decide to take the kids and exit the building, quickly and as quietly as possible.  

Once outside and at a safe destination, you text the command group that you have left the building and all of your students are safe.  Lives saved.

This is obviously one of a myriad of situations that could play out.  No matter if you are a command group member or building occupant or responding officer, increasing situational awareness in an emergency will provide dramatically improved outcomes.  

Security cameras are most effective when someone is looking at them during an emergency and can communicate that information quickly and effectively to those in danger.  Providing real-time access to camera feeds coupled with our two-way communication system, provides an incredibly powerful tool to make informed decisions quickly.  

At BluePoint, we are the leader in rapid emergency response systems because we are dedicated to helping you use all of your tools more efficiently and effectively especially in an emergency situation.  Get the most out of your cameras; add Command & Control to your safety and security tactics.



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