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BluePoint Continues to Lead: Computer Notification

BluePoint Alert Solutions continues to lead the way in Rapid Emergency Response Systems.  Today, BluePoint announces that it has added a new computer notification application to it's Command & Control Incident Management System.

Building off its already simple and intuitive  silent alert, BluePoint has extended the functionality of its computer app to be able to receive notifications in addition to sending them.  How it works:

Imagine a visitor arrives on site and is very upset.  The receptionist is concerned about the person's intentions and the high emotions being exhibited. With two clicks of the mouse on his computer, he can discreetly send a silent alert out to a group of people in the building while he stays engaged with the visitor and tries to de-escalate the situation.   Now, with the latest release of the computer application, in addition to texts, emails, and voice message notifications, the BluePoint solution will provide a computer screen notification.  The user defined group of people in the building will receive a large, pop-up notification on the foreground of their computer screen as they work.  The notification provides the type of alert - silent alert in this case - as well as the location - receptionist, front entrance.  Now the people notified can hurry to the receptionist area and get involved to de-escalate the situation.  

John McNutt, Co-Founder of BluePoint, describes the advancement this way, "We are dedicated to providing the most useful and intuitive solutions to our clients.  The addition of a computer notification to our system improves the redundancy of communication necessary in emergency situations and continues to save precious seconds when someone is threatened."

 The new application is also designed to be a full system activation point just like the pull stations and mobile devices.  Instead of a silent alert, a clearly designated option to select from the pop-up menu will immediately notify police/security and initiate the strobe lights and PA announcement within the building - identical to an activation from one of the other devices.   "We have effectively turned every computer in the building into a pull station" commented John Shales, another Co-Founder of BluePoint.  
BluePoint's computer application is designed to work on all computer platforms.  For more information, contact Dan Sladek, Director of Business Development, at or 888-258-3706 X713



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