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Open, Inviting, AND Secure

Church Security is a challenging balance.

Protecting our people has become a new and real necessity. Church leaders around the country are intent on finding the delicate balance of providing a friendly and inviting atmosphere while ensuring a safe and secure environment. As we open the doors to our community we must also protect those who enter our places of worship. BluePoint's Rapid Emergency Response System is designed with that balance in mind.

Churches are taking varied approaches to enhancing their security. Many churches are bringing in volunteers with various levels of security training to “guard” against potential threatening intruders. This is a great start! It allows people to feel safer and increases volunteer engagement. But with open doors and unrestricted access to spaces, Churches need to implement simple and intuitive solutions to initiate emergency response protocols, communications, and life-saving procedures.

Church leaders are asking:

What happens when there is a true security threat?

Are we putting our security volunteers in harm’s way? Have they had enough training?

How quickly and easily can they contact police and provide the details of the threat and location?

How quickly can they alert our people in the building? Are radios enough? What about people that don’t have radios?

What happens if they are not the first to encounter the threat?

Who else do we need to notify of an emergency?

Can we use our security cameras more effectively?

Is there a second line of defense?

With BluePoint, your volunteers, leadership, staff, and visitors have the most simple, intuitive, and responsive means to neutralize threats. When activated, BluePoint Alert Solutions immediately alerts police, bypassing 911. Police immediately receive critical information which increases their effectiveness and decreases their response time. Swift response time is proven to saves lives and neutralize threats.  

Simultaneously, BluePoint is notifying leadership, staff, and security volunteers of the threat, campus wide. Strategically located pull stations, wearable mobile devices, and computer alert applications provide simple alert coverage throughout the facility including parking lots, outdoor play areas, and all campus locations.  Once activated, the Command & Control Incident Management platform provides two-way communication through familiar mobile communication for improved situational awareness and instant access to security camera feeds – critical in a panic situation. Leadership and security personnel gain enhanced information more quickly for improved decision making. Informed decisions save lives and protect your community.    

Multiply the effectiveness of your protocols and security team today by equipping your facility with BluePoint.  

BluePoint increases security without restricting the open, inviting atmosphere you’re looking for. Open, Inviting AND Secure.  It’s Possible with BluePoint!  For more information on our solution, see our church facility page or contact us with your questions .



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