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Security's 3-Legged Stool: Systems, Policy, Training

That quote is inscribed in stone at the Columbine Memorial.  The Columbine tragedy took place over 18 years ago – most graduating high school seniors were likely not  born when this massacre occurred.  How things have changed since then.  What was initially thought of as a once-in-a-life-time tragedy, has now become far too common in our society.  

A tragic statistic: According to, our country averages more than one mass shooting per day.  Per day!  How can we be better prepared?

According to Jason Russell, former Secret Service agent at Secure Education Consultants, “Preparedness occurs in three layers. The first layer is physical and technical security measures. The second is the development of policies and procedures to ensure those features are utilized as designed and intended. And the final and most important security layer is training. These layers are like the legs of a stool — you need all three to make a safety plan successful.”

Physical and technical measures include those elements that can be implemented in our facility.  Examples include, construction of elements such as a locked “man-trap” entrance – one that creates a locked area in which an entering person must be granted entrance by an employee before moving into the rest of the facility.  Or using security cameras strategically to monitor people entering, leaving, or moving about your facility.  Or strengthening your defenses with a BluePoint Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS).  RERS systems create a strong foundation on which to implement the accompanying two legs of the stool – policy and training

Any systems implemented must focus on fortifying your procedures and training with specific intention to make them more intuitive and effective.  The hard fact of a crisis is that people in panic cannot function rationally or effectively.  This can cost them their life and the lives of others.  Therefore, your security systems need to make the right response easy to implement.  For instance, if a person with a weapon enters a building with a properly designed “man-trap” entrance, the attending employee – likely in a panic when they see the weapon – freezes and does nothing would leave the intruder in the locked space.  Similarly, with BluePoint’s RERS as your foundation, executing the two most important tasks in an emergency – warning all building occupants and dispatching police – is automated with the simple activation of a pull station or pendant.  RERS are panic proof and require little action to initiate a quicker emergency response – internally and externally - to neutralize the threat and save lives.

Selecting systems designed with an intentional focus on simplicity and automation, reduces the depth of training allowing for an increase in training frequency.  A strengthened security protocol requires frequent reminders to people of what they should do in a security crisis.  As is required of schools, practicing fire drills has become routine.  Or what to do if your clothes are on fire - “stop-drop-and-roll” response – very effective.Bringing this same routine to security measures while balancing it with simple instructions, makes a more predictable and effective security response and outcome

The team at BluePoint understands that systems alone don’t make the best security solutions.  Well thought out, adaptable policies with intentional, frequent training along with intuitive, powerful systems make for the best possible outcomes.  True comprehensive security requires all three legs of the stool to stand firm and secure under the weight of a crisis.  

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For more on Jason Russell’s article and training capabilities, see his article at



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