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DANGERous Attitude: It Won't Happen Here

Combat the danger of that attitude with these FREE Resources
When it comes to violent incidents, most of us have this attitude of “it won’t happen here, it won’t happen to us” and with the escalating number of violent acts occurring in public spaces and work places, that attitude is dangerous.

Agreed, the odds of you being involved in the violent acts we witness on our nightly news or seen strewn over our favorite news feed is slim, however, the threat is real and the people we see in those news clips – they thought the same thing!  

The attitude of “it won’t happen here” or “it won’t happen to me” is a dangerous barrier prohibiting people from taking the time to educate themselves about what they will do, or ideas on how they should react when a threat goes from news story to reality.  We can’t let this attitude prevent us from being prepared.

At BluePoint, we have found the following resources to be straight forward and purposeful to people wanting to learn about what to do and what to expect in an emergency.  For security professionals, you have already learned this material, yet these free resources may be useful for handouts and training resources for your work, in helping educate others, and saving lives.   These materials were developed by the Department of Homeland Security.

What should I do in an active shooter emergency?

This video goes through a scenario of what a building occupant should consider in an active shooter scenario.  Not only does it cover the persons response but provides an idea of what to expect when the police arrive: Active Shooter Preparedness Video

A pamphlet format of similar information is provided here: Active Shooter Preparedness Pamphlet

What signals to look for in identifying potential violence?
This 2-page resource makes a good handout at training sessions for people to understand the signs of trouble before they happen: Pathway to Violence

What if I want to learn more?
Homeland Security offers this free 90-minute webinar to learn more about developing emergency response plans, training employees, and proper responses to an armed intruder. This link will take you to the correct web page, then click on webinar: Training Webinar

These resources are the first step in thwarting the “it won’t happen here” attitude.  Developing meaningful emergency preparedness plans, training employees and incorporating life-saving systems is critical to being prepared for the worst. The best plan is to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Let us hope that we never are a part of one of these violent incidences, but let us also be prepared in case we are.

Are you prepared?  Contact us for a free consultation.



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