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The Power of Situational Awareness

In emergency situations, the greatest risk is the unknown.   Stating the obvious - it is impossible to respond effectively to what we do not know or do not understand.  If there is a fire concealed in an adjacent room, we will not know to take precautions until we either see smoke, feel the heat, or are warned by a fire alarm system.  And then we will need to figure out how to avoid the fire.  Critical situational awareness not only warns of the presence of danger but also but also provides information to make informed decisions.  Good situational awareness will mean the difference between life and death for all of the people in harm’s way.

And, not to make light of the dangers of a structure fire, but an armed intruder event is even more dynamic in the way it unfolds and the potential for loss of life.  An intruder with a weapon is far more mobile, unpredictable, and potentially more deadly.  To safely navigate an intruder event requires even more situational awareness for all of the building occupants and first responders to make swift informed decisions to save lives.

Before going further, here is a definition of Situational Awareness from the United Sates Military: the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the team with regards to the mission.

The key work in that definition: comprehend.  In an emergency, the faster we can comprehend the critical information, the faster and more effectively we can respond and the more likely a positive outcome is achieved.

BluePoint’s Command & Control was created to provide a life-safety response platform with the critical elements of information identified and processed for easy comprehension.  We are equipping people with the information they need to make swift informed decisions to save their own life and the lives of others.  BluePoint’s solution is not just providing this information to first responders but to building occupants as well.  Spreading this critical information to more people in need provides for better outcomes through a faster, more effective response.

Building Occupants
The BluePoint solution not only notifies people throughout the facility to take precautions, it also equips them with valuable information about the location of the start of the incident in words as well as in a diagram.  It gives them immediate and easy access to security camera feeds in their area to see what is taking place in their immediate surroundings and it puts their emergency procedures in the palm of their hand for quick viewing.  Plus, with two-way communications capability, each employee can report to the command group their whereabouts and conditions, and the command group can give follow up instructions. This communication reduces the chaos and unknown of the crisis.

First Responders
Through BluePoint’s platform, police dispatch and the first responding officers will have more information about what they are responding to even before they arrive on site: is there a weapon, what type of weapon, where did they enter, descriptions of the intruder, and other critical information that is reported in from the building occupants as well as viewed on the security camera feeds.  This is an unprecedented amount of information instantly available to these first responders to remove many of the unknowns before they enter the crisis.

Command Officers
The BluePoint portal provides command officers the ability to see all incoming intelligence, all security camera feeds, building layouts, and emergency procedures for the facility making it possible for them to more quickly and effectively deploy officers and other resources.  The more quickly these leaders can understand the dynamics of the crisis, the more quickly they will be able to decide if they need and where they need S.W.A.T teams, ambulances, bomb squads, fire department support, and the many other resources that are crisis dependent.  Equipping the Command Officers with powerful situational awareness tools multiplies the effectiveness of their leadership.

Life or death often hangs in the balance of the information we have, how quickly we gain it, and how effectively we comprehend and use it.  At BluePoint Alert Solutions, our mission is to save lives in the growing crisis of violence in our society.  We have developed the tools for people, police officers and command groups to make more informed decisions faster through greatly enhancing the situational awareness of all involved.

Please contact us with questions about how our life safety response platform can complete and complement your existing safety and security measures.  BluePoint is the leader in rapid emergency response systems.



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