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Kelly LeDuff Talks School Safety in Wake of Santa Fe High School Shootings

In the aftermath of the tragic Santa Fe High School shooting that took place last week, the country continues to wrestle with the complexity of the challenge before us. As nice as it would be, a singular solution does not exist. Instead, we have to take into account the myriad tools at our disposal to try to solve the problem: legislation, technology, funding, social engagement and mental health services are all pieces that must come together to find a comprehensive solution.

Following the shooting, as law enforcement and media worked to sort out the facts, Kelly LeDuff, co-founder of OpenEyes Technology, a security consulting firm, spoke with Houston Matters on Houston Public Radio. LeDuff's company is a re-seller and integrator of our BluePoint technology, and he has firsthand experience with helping to develop and implement not only the technology, but also the emergency response plans that need to be in place to successfully mitigate crisis situations like active shooters in school settings.

Below, we have the interview broken into three parts.

In part 1, LeDuff talks about how he initially got involved in the security and safety industry

Part 2: LeDuff discusses how schools can prepare for active shooter situations.

Part 3: LeDuff talks through some of the new security technology available to schools, as well as why current emergency response procedures need to be updated.

In this particular instance, law enforcement responded quickly and immediately engaged with the shooter, undoubtedly saving many lives. If this became the standard for all active shooter crisis situations, we could be looking at an effective first step to solving this tragic problem.


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