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McKinley High School Hosts Open House and Live BluePoint Demonstration

BluePoint’s certified partner, OpenEyes Technology, donated BluePoint Alert Solutions to an East Baton Rogue high school. The system was recently installed in McKinley High School and together with OpenEyes, the school hosted an open house to commemorate this significant improvement in safety measures on the campus.

On Thursday, May 17, 2018, a classroom of students, local law enforcement, school administration and OpenEyes consultants gathered to walk through a drill and explain the technology.

(Image courtesy WVLA Local 33 News/ WGMB Fox 44)

McKinley High is located in an area with frequent violent events. In 2017, a quarterback on the football team was shot and killed just blocks away from the school. McKinley has more lockdowns per year than any of the other 89 schools in the district. Kelly and Jeff LeDuff, owners of OpenEyes, wanted to donate to a school that badly needed the technology and training to prepare for critical incidents. 

Congresswoman Tara Wicker was in attendance on May 17 and is an advocate for the security system. She has been working with state representatives to allocate funding for school security in Louisiana.

(Image courtesy WVLA Local 33 News/ WGMB Fox 44)

Three local news stations covered the event, each offering a slightly different take on the benefit for the school, what the system entails and the gathering itself.

Check it out:

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