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BluePoint Alert Solutions Announces Interactive Mapping

Using GPS data, BluePoint helps law enforcement and facility leadership track the movements of building occupants in emergency situations

June 12, 2018 -- CHICAGO, BluePoint Alert Solutions (, the leader in Rapid Emergency Response Systems (RERS), today announced Interactive Mapping capabilities as part of its RERS for schools and businesses — tracking the location and movement of people in crisis situations, such as an active shooter threat. Interactive Mapping, together with BluePoint’s police notification system and Command and Control (C2) incident management platform, helps reduce police response times, provides law enforcement with situational awareness and allows building occupants and law enforcement to communicate in real-time during an emergency event.

“There couldn’t be a greater need, in today’s active shooter crisis at schools, workplaces and living communities, to provide law enforcement with every bit of information and data possible to help quicken response times and improve situational awareness,” said John McNutt, CEO of BluePoint Alert Solutions. “The benefit is not just for law enforcement though. The Interactive Mapping feature allows students, for example, to report their location during a school shooting — a feature many parents have asked for. This feature furthers our mission to do everything possible to shorten response times and help provide information to law enforcement during a critical incident.”

BluePoint’s Interactive Mapping feature uses the GPS information in cell phones to track the location and movement of people. Interactive Mapping:

  • Shows first responders occupant’s movements — where they are evacuating from and which direction they are heading.
  • Tracks in real-time the location of registered participants.
  • Provides building leaders with location information to account for employees and/or students in an emergency event.
  • Displays as an interactive map, showing the full campus or building in different views for clarity and context.
  • Records and displays the history of individual’s movements over the duration of the event or a specified time frame, which later serves as an audit trail for police investigations.
  • Allows law enforcement or building leaders to track both individuals and groups of people.
  • Maintains privacy by tracking movement only upon a device activation.

Individuals who would like to participate in BluePoint’s Interactive Mapping capability must give permission by opting into the program. GPS tracking will only be enabled once an emergency alert is activated through the system.

"What law enforcement needs in these tragic situations is situational awareness — what is going on and how police can better react and respond quickly," said Chuck Gruber, past president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. "BluePoint's Interactive Mapping feature will make it easier for law enforcement to guide evacuations and make informed decisions during a critical situation, ultimately saving lives."

Similar to a standard fire alarm, building and/or school occupants can activate a BluePoint Police Pull Station and instantly notify police and other first responders of an emergency situation to expedite a rapid response. When activated, text, email and voice notifications are sent to pre-determined stakeholders and a Command Group is established. The Command Group can securely and quickly access the Command & Control incident management platform via any internet enabled device. Once connected, the Command Group has secure, two-way communication with building occupants and facility leadership that is required to coordinate first responders, communicate with occupants, track occupant’s locations and manage the overall situation quickly and efficiently. The system also links the Command Group with live security camera video, dynamic building diagrams (Visual Point Identification (VPI)), text/email communications with word filtering and emergency preparedness documents to ensure all vital information is available quickly and easily. 

To learn more about BluePoint Alert Solutions, please visit

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About BluePoint

BluePoint Alert Solutions was founded with a very specific goal – to help speed the response times of police and other first-responders in the event of an active shooter or other emergency situation where lives are at stake. It is first-to-market with a dedicated Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) that acts like and is as intuitive as a standard “fire alarm” – but is focused on alerting police/emergency responders and school/building occupants to potential danger. BluePoint is initially focusing on education institutions, yet the need and interest within other facility/campus-type environments is leading to expansion. For more information please visit ( 

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