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BluePoint Introduces the Institute of Proactive Responsibility for School Safety

Training Services Provide Framework to Help Schools and Businesses Prepare for Emergency Situations

June 19, 2018, CHICAGO, BluePoint Alert Solutions (, the leader in Rapid Emergency Response Systems, today announced the formation of the Institute of Proactive Responsibility (IPR), a new service offering focused on helping schools, businesses, communities and local law enforcement better prepare for emergency situations. When organizations of all types better prepare for and manage the response, communication and coordination required in the event of an active shooter incident or other crises event, faster response times save lives and outcomes are greatly improved.

BluePoint offers interactive and in-depth training programs through the IPR that are tailor fit to each location and community. This training initiative is based on a process framework for school safety and provides a strategic system designed by BluePoint to help plan for and respond to emergency situations at schools, churches, businesses and other settings like apartment complexes.

Confronted with the unfortunate reality of violence and active shooter incidents across the United States and abroad, the leaders of the IPR are leveraging extensive security and emergency response experience with more than 150 schools across the country to standardize coordination with law enforcement and create a safety practice that will enact change and allow faster response times. The framework is based on six phases that create a standardized approach that empowers schools, first-responders, students and parents to work in unison before, during and after an active shooter situation. 

“Historically, a prepared community is a safer community,” said John McNutt, co-founder and CEO of BluePoint Alert Solutions. “If you look back at U.S. history, there was a time when fires in schools caused many deaths. However, since 1948 when fire alarms, fire drills and situational awareness became standard procedure, there has not been a single death due to a fire in a school. While there are many factors in play during active shooter incidents, the IPR believes it has the expertise and experience to help schools and businesses be more prepared for these dangerous high-stress situations. Ultimately, its goal is to help create faster response times.”

The IPR works directly with school or business stakeholders. These stakeholders include everyone from the school board, PTA and teachers, to local police/fire departments and emergency medical organizations. Working collectively with these groups, the framework aims to outline goals for success and key performance indicators, as well as the means to collect data and communicate the framework across the community.

“While the rapid emergency response framework is predicated on an intentional and strategic plan, we also have left room for flexibility,” said John Shales, Co-founder of BluePoint Alert Solutions and IPR “We recognize that every community, every school, and every business is unique. The framework is structured, but not rigid, and can be applied to communities of all sizes, resource levels, and compositions. By tapping into existing infrastructure and resources, the framework takes what is already in place and builds upon it.”

The final aspect of the framework focuses on sustainability and empowers schools and communities to maintain a high level of preparedness and awareness through ongoing system maintenance, training with school staff, personnel, and law enforcement, and regularly scheduled training and drills on school campuses. 

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About BluePoint

BluePoint Alert Solutions was founded with a very specific goal – to help speed the response times of police and other first-responders in the event of an active shooter or other emergency situation where lives are at stake. It is first-to-market with a dedicated Rapid Emergency Response System (RERS) that acts like and is as intuitive as a standard “fire alarm” – but is focused on alerting police/emergency responders and school/building occupants to potential danger. BluePoint is initially focusing on education institutions, yet the need and interest within other facility/campus-type environments is leading to expansion. For more information please visit ( 

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