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Security Threats Inside or Outside Your Organization?

Our team recently sat down with a large metropolitan client and they clearly identified that their biggest threat is not someone from outside the organization breaking in, but rather someone inside doing great harm.  For example, this could be an employee going through a rough time in their personal life that may overflow into their work life.  Although the best solution is to engage with that employee to make sure they have the support to navigate their circumstances in a healthy way, as an employer, they are not sure they will be able to recognize the issue early enough and address it adequately before it gets to a dire condition.

While that happens to be a commercial employer, it’s the same for our public schools. Nearly all armed intruder events in schools are current or recently graduated students. These are people that know the systems and protocols from the drills performed while they attended.  These are inside threats too.

In both situations, clearly the best avenue to try to prevent a crisis is early engagement and follow up. But unfortunately, with privacy restrictions and the nature of some of the underlying conditions (depression, anger, chemical dependency, etc.), it may not be possible to head off a problem that could lead to an armed intruder event. Taking economical and effective steps to protect your students or employees is a prudent move knowing that it isn’t about frequency, it’s about the potential severity.

BluePoint’s solution provides the right combination of a simple intuitive user interface with a powerful situational awareness portal to be an effective tool in protecting people and deterring intruder events. Let us know how we can help you complement and complete your existing security infrastructure.



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