Command & Control Incident Management System

Enhanced Communication

Command & Control Introduction

"C2 equips crisis management teams with the tools they need to respond  more effectively." 

–Chuck Gruber, Former President
of International  Association
of Chiefs of Police

Mobile Alerts and Notifications

Instant text, e-mail and voice communication with designated groups. Your command group has access to all information from any device through the emergency mobile command center.

2-Way Communication

Building occupants provide real-time situational awareness to the command group. Our common word filtering offers the command group quick insights into the information being  provided. The command group is equipped to provide faster, informed instructions to the building occupants.

Visual point identification

Your facility layout with pertinent information for informed decisions.

Live Security Camera Links

Increased situational awareness with live camera stream to any device

Location and Reunification

People can report their location, and—during the crisis only—have their location tracked. This allows first responders to see where people are, where they are moving to, and where they are moving from. It also provides a means for people to respond with their status (“I’m okay” or “Need help”) so first responders can get a quicker handle on the severity of the situation. Lastly, it enables building leaders to more quickly account for their people during the reunification process.

Emergency Document Storage

Your emergency documents accessible and distributable.

Multi-Hazard Communication

Fully customizable multi-hazard emergency communication

Computer Applications

  • Silent alert: Quick, discreet, internal alerting
  • Weapons threat alert: Full system activation
  • Customized alerting
  • Notifications: In foreground



BluePoint leads the way once again in advancing Rapid Emergency Response Systems (RERS). Adding to our systems that rapidly alert both first responders and building occupants to a serious situation, this tool further improves that response.

Although designed to integrate seamlessly with our Police Alert and Medical Alert systems, the Command & Control Incident Management System is a stand-alone valuable tool.

Command & Control complies with FEMA recommended incident command structure and multi-hazard communications.

How it Works

When used from the website (as opposed to initiated from a BluePoint device):

Communication protocols can be established for any type of user-defined emergency incident.
  1. Armed Intruder
  2. Child abduction
  3. Fire
  4. Bomb threats
  5. Natural disasters
  6. Hazardous material release
  7. Medical emergency
  8. Any user-defined incident
With Command Group notification, leaders have secure, no-credential access to the platform.

The Command Group has the ability to

  1. See all incoming communication, sorted for commonalities
  2. View pertinent security camera feeds
  3. Send follow up instructions to individuals or groups
  4. Send emergency documents to individuals of groups
  5. View facility VPI (Visual Point Identification) diagrams