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Keep your public & private commercial space safe

How can you ensure a safe and secure commercial environment? BluePoint Alert Solutions is here to help.

According to the FBI, nearly 50% of all armed intruder events occur in commercial spaces and, of those, most were committed by shooters with no affiliation with the business. Whether your business is a public facility like a mall or a movie theatre or a private office, there is a responsibility to protect your employees, customers and visitors. There are obviously many systems that could be employed to provide protection—cameras, access control, etc.—but the most effective systems reduce police response time, alert all building occupants, and equip occupants to make better informed decisions. The barrier to a faster police and building occupant response is that panicked people do not function well. All of the tasks that need to get done for the best response possible take far too long for a panicked person to do.

BluePoint automates all of these critical functions for faster police response and internal response. Saving time saves lives.

Increase Emergency Communications

With BluePoint's Command & Control, commercial clients gain these benefits:

  • 2-Way Communication: 2-way direct and logged communication between building occupants and the Command Group. Staff can report "HR is secure, no injuries", "Administration has exited the building and is at the renunciation site", etc.
  • Situational Awareness: 2-way communication provides a means for building occupants to provide additional critical situational awareness to the command group through pictures, videos and words.
  • Informed Instructions: The Command Group can quickly communicate informed instructions to groups of people: "Hold your position. Police are on site. You are not forgotten", "People in the west wing exit out door 7", etc.
  • Visual Point Identification: Building occupants receive dynamic layouts of the facility indicating locations of activated devices allowing more informed personal decisions.
  • Live Security Camera Feeds: Provide staff access to security camera feeds ONLY in an emergency when they need it. Your cameras become more effective than simply recording what happenedin the past.
  • Emergency Document Storage: Automatically send emergency documents to building occupants: emergency procedures, reunification protocols, etc.
  • Multi-Hazard Communication:A true Multi-Hazard emergency communications solution following FEMA incident command structure best practices.
  • Silent Alert: With our computer application, silent, discreet alerts can be sent from any computer to notify others in the building to come forward to help deescalate a situation.

Enhancing Security

With BluePoint, your staff, clients and visitors have the most simple, intuitive, and responsive means to neutralize a threat. When activated, BluePoint Alert Solutions immediately alerts security and/or police, bypassing 911. Those first responders instantly receive critical information—far more than just building address—which increases their effectiveness and decreases their response time. Swift response time is proven to saves lives and neutralize threats.

Simultaneously, BluePoint is notifying leadership, staff, and security of the threat, facility wide. Strategically located pull stations and wearable mobile devices provide simple alert coverage throughout your facility including parking lots and adjacent areas. Once activated, the Command & Control Incident Management platform provides two-way communication through familiar mobile communication for improved situational awareness and instant access to security camera feeds—critical in a panic situation. Leadership and security personnel gain enhanced information more quickly for improved decision making. Informed decisions save lives and protect your people.

With BluePoint, "I have never felt safer in this building."

– Front Line Employee, Jewish Community Center


In need of enhancing the security on your campus?

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