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Keep your students safe while fostering learning

How can you provide a positive learning atmosphere while ensuring a safe and secure environment? BluePoint Alert Solutions is here to help.

No matter what your response protocol—lockdown, run-hide-fight, ALICE—the real barrier to faster response is the human-centric tasks needing to be completed. These tasks take too much time, especially when people are panicked.

BluePoint automates all of these critical functions for faster police response and internal response. Saving time saves lives.

Increase Emergency Communications

With BluePoint's Command & Control, educational clients gain these benefits:

  • 2-Way Communication: 2-way direct and logged communication between building occupants and the Command Group. Teachers can report "Room 200 is secure, no injuries", "Mrs. Smith's English class has exited the building and is at the renunciation site", etc.
  • Situational Awareness: 2-way communication provides a means for building occupants to provide additional critical situational awareness to the command group through pictures, videos and words.
  • Informed Instructions: The Command Group can quickly communicate informed instructions to groups of people: "Hold your position. Police are on site. You are not forgotten", "People in the west wing exit out door 7", etc.
  • Visual Point Identification: Building occupants receive dynamic layouts of the facility indicating locations of activated devices allowing more informed personal decisions.
  • Live Security Camera Feeds: Provide staff access to security camera feeds ONLY in an emergency when they need it. Your cameras become more effective than simply recording what happened in the past.
  • Emergency Document Storage: Automatically send emergency documents to building occupants: emergency procedures, reunification protocols, etc.
  • Multi-Hazard Communication: A true Multi-Hazard emergency communications solution following FEMA incident command structure best practices.
  • Silent Alert: With our computer application, silent, discreet alerts can be sent from any computer to notify others in the building to come forward to help deescalate a situation.

Schools, unfortunately, have been targeted frequently throughout the years by active shooter scenarios because the occupants, students and teachers are unarmed and are incapable of physically responding to the threat. Security features, such as access control and video surveillance, are important tools for deterring these scenarios. However, a RERS fills a critical gap, which is the rapid notification of law enforcement and first responders who can come and mitigate the situation as quickly as possible, and empower building occupants to take their own defensive measures by equipping them with up-to-date information.

Enhancing Security

With BluePoint, your volunteers, staff, members and visitors have the most simple, intuitive, and responsive means to neutralize a threat. When activated, BluePoint Alert Solutions immediately alerts police, bypassing 911. Police instantly receive critical information which increases their effectiveness and decreases their response time. Swift response time is proven to saves lives and neutralize threats.

Simultaneously, BluePoint is notifying leadership, staff, and security volunteers of the threat, campus wide. Strategically located pull stations and wearable mobile devices provide simple alert coverage throughout your facility including parking lots, outdoor play areas, and all campus buildings. Once activated, the Command & Control Incident Management platform provides two-way communication through familiar mobile communication for improved situational awareness and instant access to security camera feeds – critical in a panic situation. Leadership and security personnel gain enhanced information more quickly for improved decision making. Informed decisions save lives and protect your people.

"The BluePoint system is intuitive to use."

– Greg R., Colorado


In need of enhancing the security on your campus?

Enhance the effectiveness of your protocols and security team by equipping your facility with a solution from BluePoint.

BluePoint increases security without restricting the learning atmosphere your campus wants to maintain.

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