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Police RERS

Industrial spaces often cover several acres under one roof, or have buildings scattered across a large site. Multiple facilities like this can pose challenges to CSOs or security professionals. These industrial spaces have many different options and scenarios for which a RERS is appropriate, although these facilities also typically have some kind of security measures already implemented – access control or security guards for instance – that provide enough security for the manufacturing and warehouse spaces. But spaces such as HR offices, front office lobby, “C”-suite, or high occupancy areas, may benefit from additional safety capabilities provided by a law enforcement RERS. Being able to quickly communicate a threat throughout the designated space as well as automatically locking (or unlocking) access points in addition to immediate notification to security and / or police, provides for a much faster and improved response for incidents such as an intruder.

Medical RERS

An additional consideration is the deployment of both law enforcement RERS and medical RERS. A medical RERS is similar in deployment to a law enforcement RERS but is designed to rapidly notify emergency medical responders in lieu of police. As most industrial sites have workers in potential job-related hazardous situations, a medical RERS may be of greater value for improving outcomes and mitigating liability. Once a pull station or wearable mobile device is activated, medical emergency responders – either on site or from the local municipality (or both) – are notified of the incident and given specific information on where to respond – not just building address but where in the facility. The strobe light system can be designed to only activate in limited areas, such as the affected work area so that the entire facility is not needlessly alarmed or distracted. Also the system can be designed so that only the exterior strobe light at the entrance nearest the injury is activated. In this way the responding paramedics can drive directly to the area where the person is injured without losing time by stopping at the front desk to ask directions or having to travel on foot through a large industrial space.

Two-Stage Response

While RERS and two-stage response may initially seem at odds, these systems can actually function on a complementary basis in many situations. A RERS is a necessary industry safety tool in any setting –schools, industrial spaces, commercial buildings, hospitals, etc. Ensuring that law enforcement and first responders are immediately notified of a crisis situation is a critical component of people and asset protection. But, in certain settings, such as industrial spaces, two-stage response can be appropriate.

Industrial spaces have seen a rise in the use of two-stage response deployments. When a RERS pull station is initially activated, on-site security and/or medical personnel are immediately notified with specific location information through text/email/voice/ radio message. This allows the on-site team to rapidly react to the incident. Once these on-site responders have had a chance to evaluate the situation they can quickly and easily alert external law enforcement or medical responders by activating their wearable mobile device while staying actively engaged in managing the incident. There are several different ways in which a two-stage response system could be deployed in these settings, each of which depend on the goals of the end user. Conceptually, two-stage response is a customizable layer of asset protection. It is clearly not appropriate in all settings, but it can aid organizations that feel prepared for emergency situations but want the added value of external law enforcement or medical response when necessary.

Industrial Scalability

Industrial work spaces can vary greatly in size and complexity. With that in mind, a RERS needs to be flexible and scalable to match the changing needs of these spaces. The benefit of a wireless system like a RERS is the ability to format and install on any scale. Whether an industrial space needs more pull stations and more strobe light visual alerts, a wireless system ensures that installers can effectively manage logistics. Because larger industrial spaces may already have some security measures in place, incorporating a RERS into the existing infrastructure can be as simple as wirelessly connecting system technologies. As industrial facilities, especially manufacturing, continue to upgrade M2M and connected technologies, comprehensive wireless security systems will be able to grow not only in scale of implementation, but technologically as well: better communications capabilities, more intuitive monitoring and maintenance, and stronger logistical considerations.

Enhancing Security

With BluePoint, your staff and visitors have the most simple, intuitive, and responsive means to neutralize a threat. When activated, BluePoint Alert Solutions immediately alerts security, police and/or medical teams, bypassing 911. Those first responders instantly receive critical information—far more than just building address—which increases their effectiveness and decreases their response time. Swift response time is proven to saves lives and neutralize threats.

Simultaneously, BluePoint is notifying leadership, staff, and security of the issue, based on your fully customize response protocol. Strategically located pull stations and wearable mobile devices provide simple alert coverage throughout your facility including parking lots and adjacent areas. Once activated, the Command & Control Incident Management platform provides two-way communication through familiar mobile communication for improved situational awareness and instant access to security camera feeds—critical in a panic situation. Leadership and security personnel gain enhanced information more quickly for improved decision making. Informed decisions save lives and protect your people.

With BluePoint, "I have never felt safer in this building."

– Front Line Employee, Jewish Community Center


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