Institute of Proactive Responsibility

Be Prepared for a Crisis Event

The Need for Coordinated Response and Communication

In the event of a school or business shooting there is an often overlooked, yet common, element to each of these events – chaos. While it's understandable that such horrific events cause mayhem, a lack of preparedness, communication and knowledge too often leads to slow response times, delayed action on the part of first responders, students, teachers, employees, etc. running into harm's way, and general confusion across the entire incident spectrum.
There was a day in the United States when fires in schools caused similar outcomes. However, since 1948, when fire alarms, fire drills, prevention and improved situational awareness became part of everyday life, there has not been a single death due to a fire in a school. Schools, first responders, teachers and students, all know what to do in the event of a fire.

We now have the opportunity to do the same in the event of a school shooting.

While there are many aspects to consider, including facility design, staffing, gun issues and mental health, schools and facilities of all types can benefit from having coordinated systems, best-practices and communications to help protect life and minimize harm when events do occur.

Rapid Emergency Response Framework

Having worked with more than 150 schools across the country to improve response times, preparedness and communication flow, the IPR team created a process framework to address the issues stated above. It includes steps for cross-team collaboration, evaluation, strategic planning and implementation of systems. The goal is to establish a logical process to assemble the correct stakeholders, requirements and best-practices that will lead to a standardized approach that empowers schools, first responders, students and parents to work in unison before, during and after an active shooter event.  The framework includes defining and gaining leadership commitment, assessment of the facilities, rapid response workflow designs, systems implementation and integration, response team preparedness training, and systems and process sustainability.  Contact the BluePoint Team for more information about how we can help you be PROACTIVE in your RESPONSIBILITY to be prepared for crisis events.



Unfortunately, violence and active shooter incidents are now a part of life in the United States. From schools and churches to businesses, the rising number of these unfortunate events has leaders and communities looking to improve life safety through physical safeguards and preparedness best-practices.

The Institute of Proactive Responsibility (IPR) for School Safety, led by BluePoint Alert Systems, is made up of a range of education and safety professionals from businesses, law enforcement organizations, and schools. Its goal is to help organizations of all types better prepare for and manage the response, communication and coordination in the event of an active shooter incident or other crises event.