Medical Alert

BluePoint brings the same familiar, intuitive, simple solution to Medical Emergencies

automatically contacts first responders with minimal human actionImmediately alerts key internal individuals to medical emergencyreduces medical first responders response timeDirect first responders to location with VPI diagrams and strobeinitiates command and control incident management systembuttons

"First responders received immediate notification and were providing medical care to the fallen employees within one minute of the alert—a dramatic improvement in response time."

– Sam T., Director of safety and security at a manufacturing facility, Minnesota

medical pullWhat it doesn't do

Unlike our Police Alert system, BluePoint Medical Alert
  1. Does not initiate all strobe lights within the building
  2. Does not communicate the incident throughout the entire facility-operations continue
  3. Does not automatically alert all groups of people.

Where it's needed

Any Facility with AED Devices
Medical first responders need to direct their attention to the injured person-not calling 911 and giving information.

Large Manufacturing Facilities
Medical first responders receive a single building address. BluePoint Medical Alert provides a visual indication (strobe light) outside the entrance closest to the medical emergency.

Corporate Facilities
Clear, intuitive direction helps employees act swiftly in a medical emergency, reducing the need for training.

Large Public Spaces-Malls, Arenas, Museums, etc.
Whether or not a two-stage response is needed, BluePoint Medical Alert allows any incident witness to rapidly contact first responders with accurate location information-both the building location and incident location within the building.

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Based on the success of our police alert system, BluePoint brings the same familiar, intuitive, simple solution to Medical Emergencies.

How it Works

Once activated with a BluePoint Alert Solutions device:

First responders are contacted in less time than a 911 call.

Provides a two-stage response. If desired, internal first responders are notified first. If the situation is beyond their capabilities, they initiate second-stage notification to external first responders.

A strobe light at the exterior door nearest the incident directs first responders.

Key individuals are automatically notified of a medical situation through text and e-mail

  1. Employees trained in first aid
  2. Managers
  3. HR department
  4. Leadership team

A dynamic Visual Point Identification (VPI) diagram graphically shows the location of the incident within the building.