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The World We Live In


476 mass shootings
1,779 injured
604 killed

1,639 mass shootings
>1 per day on average

FBI Statistics

Primary Communication: First Line of Defense

When was the last time someone died in a school fire? 1958. A fire broke out at Our Lady of the Angels School in Chicago, IL. 95 people died and many more were injured. This disaster led to many improvements in building codes and other fire safety protocols, but key among them was the predecessor to our modern fire alarm systems. These fire alarm systems have saved countless lives over the years since 1958.

BluePoint does for law enforcement what a fire alarm does for the fire department.®
Simple, intuitive activation
Instant visual and auditory alerts for those in danger
Instant police notification including location of activated device
Command & Control incident management 
Systems integration: cameras, access control, sound detection 
Police, medical & haz-mat pull stations 
Custom solutions based on your facility 

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