Police Alert

The familiar, intuitive, simple solution for Rapid Emergency Response Systems

"[Because of the BluePoint system], police officers arrived on the scene within 47 seconds after the police pull station was activated ... 47 seconds is an incredible response time!"

– Jeff LeDuff, Retired chief of police, Louisiana

police  pullFeatures

Silent Alert
Designed for protecting people at the front desk, the receptionist can remain engaged in conversation with a visitor while discreetly alerting others in the facility – and police if necessary – to an escalating situation.  With 2 clicks of the mouse, a notification is sent through our Command & Control system to designated groups of people with exact location information of where to assist.  A great addition to our Police and Medical Alert systems!

Two-Stage Response
If desired, internal first responders are notified first. If the situation is beyond their capabilities, they initiate second-stage notification to external first responders.

Command & Control
This Incident Management System includes
  1. Unlimited user-defined incident protocols-armed intruder, child abduction, fire, bomb threats, natural disasters, hazardous material release, any custom incident
  2. Unlimited number of contacts and groups
  3. Two-factor authentication
  4. Encrypted contacts
  5. Opt-in Ability-if desired, individuals can choose to opt-in for notifications
  6. Social Media-if desired, make broader announcements through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  1. The system is fully SUPERVISED ; it is continually monitoring itself and reporting deficiencies in real time.
  2. The entire system has constant BATTERY BACK-UP; a loss of power does not disable the system.
  3. REDUNDANT lines of communication; if one line is inactive, the deficiency is reported and the other line is available.
  4. The system can ONLY be taken off-line at the control panel; it cannot be disabled remotely.

Sound Detection Integration
Both gunshot and breaking glass sound detection systems can be seamlessly integrated with the BluePoint Solution to provide even faster response times.

Access Control / Fire Door Activation
Integration with access control and fire door activation systems is easily accomplished through our control panel. Lock, unlock, and close doors automatically once the BluePoint system is activated.

  • The faster first responders are on site, the faster the emergency situation ends.
  • The faster people take precautions, the faster they are safe.
  • Panicked people don't think clearly or react rationally.

How it Works

Once activated with a BluePoint Alert Solutions device:

Police are contacted in less time than a 911 call.

Building occupants are alerted by
  1. PA or phone system message
  2. Blue strobe lights--both interior and exterior to the building.

Text, e-mail, and voice alerts are automatically sent to designated groups--employees, leadership team, etc.-with location information including a Visual Point Identification (VPI) diagram.

The command group receives a text or e-mail with a secure link to the Command & Control portal--no credentials required. In the portal, the command group can
  1. See the VPI diagram with all occurrences of device activations
  2. See incoming replies to text and e-mail from the alerted groups, sorted for commonalities
  3. View live security camera feeds from pertinent cameras
  4. Send follow-up instructions to designated groups via text or e-mail
  5. Distribute emergency documents manually or automatically